Saturday, February 4, 2012

36 Weeks and boy are we moving F-A-S-T!!!!!

So, we found out last week that Itbert was turned head up. We tried everything from accupuncture to chiropractory to standing on my head... nothing was working. Itbert was moving a ton but couldn't manage a full turn. We got an appointment at the hospital to see if we were good candidates for an external cephalic version. (manually moving baby into the right position for natural labor.) Unfortunately they weren't able to do the procedure because Itbert and I don't have enough amniotic fluid... and by not enough for the procedure I mean low enough that they suggested we get this c-section scheduled sooner rather than later... we, being not eve 36 weeks at the time, were pretty surprised... they did a non stress test (hooking me up to a machine to monitor baby's heart rate, my heart rate, baby's movements and any contractions I might be having, while laying in a bed relaxing... really non stress). Baby got a big ole' thumbs up for it's performance. I got one too but I must say all the nurses saying "what a happy baby you have there" was more exciting than any positive report for myself will ever be! Long story short, we need to go in for fluid checks 2x a week so they can make sure we stay healthy.
I can't help but think that if baby hadn't snuck head up we'd never have known about the fluid issue and we are just so thankful that we are aware of it now. I'm drinking excessive amounts of fluid everyday trying to get baby as much to swim in as I can. And Itbert, well, Itbert is moving, dancing, kicking, and tickling all day long so we'll know that our little one is healthy. 

Again, this is not the plan we had going into this, but seeing how the Lord is leading our steps it's impossible to feel any kind of disappointment about the changing plans. We feel confident that we are being well taken care of! We can't help but see it.

So, belly at 36 weeks... and of course in the NURSERY!!!! It's not done yet but here are some sneak peeks at Itbert's little nook! (we still have a LOT to do... hanging picture frames, shelves and putting the rest of Itbert's things in their proper places! There are also hot air balloons to come!!!!)

So, we got this old glider from our borough wide garage sale this past fall... it was like every other glider... wooden, synthetic covered and run of the mill. Ours was exceptionally ugly. Soooo, we picked out some fabric from Ikea and when my dear husband brought it to me I realized it was not exactly what I had in mind... but I spend the next few days making a slipcover out of it anyways. It turned out pretty well I think. It's not finished completely... I got a bit of the tealish ribbon to go around the top of the skirt on the chair and the little ottoman. 


  1. *Hugs* thinking about you all the time. It really was a blessing to catch this so soon. Itbert was just letting you know. :)

  2. LOVE the slipcover on the glider!!!!! You're amazing! It's transformed! You must teach me how to sew such amazing things. I wish I knew how. Love the whole style of the nursery. Great rug!! Can't wait to see the room with everything hung on the walls. What time of day does the sun come in the window? Can you take a picture for me then? Everything looks beautiful! Nice work guys!

  3. The word "boy" in your post title made me do a double-take! Thought you knew something new!

    P.S. Where did you get the armoire? Did you guys put in that sconce in the wall? Love it!