Monday, February 20, 2012

37 weeks and all's a'well!

Besides the usual getting bigger, life is pretty much as normal. My blood pressure, our amniotic fluid levels and Itbert's activity is all totally normal. (actually, everyone we see says "what a happy baby you have there!") Every time we hear it our hearts sing!

The reason we knew about the low fluid in the first place was because we went in for a consultation for an external cephalic version... aka, when they try to adjust the baby's position by pushing REALLY HARD on your belly... When we went back this past week they said my fluid levels were up high enough that they said they could try it! Monday was our day, so Dan took the day off and drove me into the hospital. It was an interesting situation. After two strikes at getting my IV in my nurse struck out and we asked for someone else to try... (she had no problem with my "tough skin" that the other nurse was complaining about). We had the procedure but all before and after the procedure the nurses and doctors were so unbelievably negative. We kept telling them that whether or not the procedure worked we were happy since baby is so happy. We didn't care, we just wanted to do what we could to turn baby. They seemed like they wanted to break our spirits! It's amazing how one positive voice in the room can drown out all the other negative ones - oh how glad I am that Dan was there with me! He's so good at helping me laugh things off! The version was not successful. (after about 3 minutes of bruising my belly and pushing way too hard (I thought) on Itbert's head we were all done!) And Dan and I were not surprised in the least. We have lived with this little Itbert for about 8 months now and we are learning just how stubborn this little one is! We talked on the way over and both agreed that we didn't think it was going to work. If Itbert is going to move, he/she is going to do it his/her own way and on his/her own! This baby is like me! So, we left feeling relieved that we did the last thing on our list of things that we could do to turn our baby... Now we would rest and wait and pray. If Itbert was going to spin we'd be here waiting!

hmmm... why so blurry???

I like this angle because you can see I still have feet... even though I can't! :) What a big belly!!!!

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  1. Love you. Am continually impressed by your positive attitude about baby's breech position! And . . . I love your shirt!!! Gorgeous pattern and design!