Monday, February 20, 2012

38 weeks and Valenturd's day!

The little blue post-its are my valentine's gift from sweet Dan! Just little notes to let me know how much he loves me! I'm so lucky! :) I made him strawberry cupcakes, but he wins the prize for time and thought! 
 So, Dan and I don't really celebrate valentine's day... or any other hallmark holidays. (we're not big card people...) SO, we celebrated our valenturd's day in our own special way... we went to a birth center appointment, came home, popped some Ellio's in the oven and ate it and snuggled on the couch. And as romantic as that sounds... that's a typical night for us. (After China Ellios is one of our favorites! We ate them before we left due to a tight Pre peace corps budget and missed them like crazy while overseas. Go figure we are on a similar post-peace corps pre-baby budget now, so that is how we excuse our non-foodie and non-healthy guilty pleasure frozen pizza-like rectangles! Mmmmm! my mouth waters just thinking about it!)

38 weeks and surprise surprise baby is still head up! (And very happy to be this way, it seems) I'll wake in the morning with baby spun sideways but no matter what I do, Itbert always wiggles back to head right up under my left ribs. I hope this means Itbert is a snuggler! We had our appointment with the surgeon this week and got our due date. We are going to get to hold this little (very wiggly) baby on March 2nd, Lord willing, unless Itbert decides to come sooner, in which case we rush in to get a C-Section then... not many people are willing to deliver a breech baby vaginally these days. We understand. 
The surgeon initially wanted us to wait until 41 weeks (march 1st is my technical due date but since February 29th wasn't on people's radar last june it was called at march 2nd... so 40+1...) His thinking was if we wait the extra week the baby has more time to turn. I like this idea, I really do, but let's be honest, baby doesn't have much room to move around in NOW! A good example of this is how last week Itbert wiggled one of his/her feet up straight... toes to eyes style... and because he/she is so big that foot is now stuck up. Poor little guy has one leg waving in the wind... err... amniotic fluid! :)   The other leg is neatly bent... meaning I get kicks down by my right hip and all the way up under my right ribs! Apparently babies who have their legs up in the womb come out with legs that boing back up to their faces when they are born... Itbert will have that but just with one leg! :) Such a little goof ball! Can't wait to meet him/her! Less than 2 weeks now!

Look at this big belly!!!!

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