Monday, February 20, 2012

Itbert's nest! :)

So, Itbert's room is done! It looks a little busy, and it is... It's such a small space (almost 8 feet by 8 feet... a glorified closet!) and we had so many things to put in... It's not too busy, just busy enough that Itbert can choose whether he/she wants to dream about flying in a hot air balloon, cozy nests, or roller skating birds!

The yellow ties on the stick above the window are something we brought back from China. In sacred spaces people tied red ribbons, yarn, fabric, or even trash onto branches when they prayed. These ties were traces of prayers, proof, or simply a tangible form of the words they'd meditated. I was captivated by this idea when we were in China and wanted to incorporate it into Itbert's nursery. I found this branch tangled in the brush outside our kitchen window. I scrubbed it and brought it in and Dan sawed it to size for me. Then he and I prayed for Itbert and tied a yellow piece of fabric scrap, yarn, ribbon, and yes, even yellow plastic grocery bag pieces on with every prayer. (I love the idea that no prayer is too silly or small) This branch is an visual representation of the prayers we have said, and will say for Itbert. Below are some images of the tangible evidence of prayer we found in China.


  1. The hot air balloons are INCREDIBLE! Emily -- you are amazing. I love the prayers/ties/branch idea too. How meaningful and beautiful. Can't wait to see this nursery in person, not to mention BABY!!!!!!!

  2. This is beautiful. Full of love and life and joy!
    Love you both and can't wait to meet the little one some day. :)

  3. Emily -
    I love this room and your creativity! You are so talented! Little Itbert :) is going to be very blessed to have you guys as parents. Can't wait to meet him/her and see you guys again!

    - Ro

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love the nest, love the babe, love you! xo, d