Thursday, February 23, 2012

39 Weeks!

We're hitting the home stretch here! Tomorrow marks ONE WEEK until our C-section! How exciting to be getting this close to meeting our little one! We are waiting eagerly for March 2nd to come. 

Today we had our last trip to the hospital before the big day! I had to do my pre-admission testing and a non-stress test. Dan took off work early to drive me to my 2 o'clock apt. With our windows down, holding hands we drove the short trip to the hospital. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon? We were honestly dreading having to go back to the perinatal ward where the version was, to get the non stress test... but our trip to the hospital was almost as perfect as the 60 degree weather in February! The pre admission testing was easy as pie (after peace corps needles don't phase me in the least!) and the PA we had was great! Her first baby was breech and she had a C- section and offered great advice and input on recovery and how doable it was! 
After the pre-admission testing we made it to our non stress test with 30 minutes to spare! Our favorite nurse was there and was so sweet! (she's the one that always comments on what a happy baby Itbert is!) She hooked me up to the monitors and then got the woman in the next bed situated. When she was done, about 5 minutes later, she peeked her head in and smiled, "Baby looks great already! We'll keep you on for a few more minutes but baby looks perfect! What a happy baby!"  Dan and I beamed! :)
After the non-stress test we asked if we could take a tour of the maternity ward... see a postpartum room, see the nursery. Our favorite nurse took us through and gave us a tour of the ward, (giving up her precious time! so sweet!!!) The rooms are small but private, which is GREAT! and they will pull in a cot for dan to sleep on at night! The tour ended with a walk past the nursery where there were 2 burrito bundled babies and one that was so new, they still had him under the french fry light! They were so small, so amazingly small! I leaned over to Dan and said something eloquent like, "We're gonna have one of those little burritos soon!" For the first time for both of us, I think, it's starting to feel real. Finally it's sinking in that we are going to have a BABY!

PS.      I know you're not supposed to wear white after... or before... uh... but let's face it folks, I'm a rule breaker! The weather was too beautiful today to ignore my one elastic waisted skirt! Rules-Shmules!

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  1. You are beautiful!! Aww, it makes me want to have another!! :) I am so happy and excited for you guys. :)