Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Birthday Parties with Woodland Friends!

 Our Little Bird is getting big so fast! 2 is such a busy age full of imaginative play (our toys talk and have long conversations with each other, mostly at a very high pitch!), singing, cooking imaginary meals, and reading. I wanted to give our big girl a birthday that she'd love so on her actual birthday we invited all her favorite people to dinner (Just family. She was so excited that everybody was together in one place! She had a blast and felt so loved!) A week later we planned a friend birthday party for her and had 4 two year old buddies come out to par-tay! And party we did!!!

I wanted to do something creative for party favors and thought it perfectly appropriate to make all the little guys T-shirts turning them into woodland friends! I was so excited by this project I am going to be putting these on my Etsy Shoppe !!!

 I made our little bird a fox birthday ensemble upon her request :)

 I whipped up some funny woodland ears and bows and bowties to serve as props for a photo booth. I picked up some fabric and put together a pinky woodland backdrop.

It turned out to be a wonderful day of pals and partying! Happy Birthday little one! You brighten our lives more every single day!!!