Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby sock advent calendar!

My husband kept saying that he didn't want anything for Christmas and I find that unacceptable. He did mention many years ago, however, that long long ago, in the year of 1982 his mom announced his existence by hanging some baby socks in the stairwell. He really wanted me to tell him about future babies using this same sweet method... but we were at the Peace Corps office when we found out and I'm not sure I could have handled the surprise by myself until I got my hands on some baby socks, so as soon as I found him I told him and we just looked at each other kind of shocked-like. No baby socks available.
I decided to make him an advent calendar using baby socks. We've made non baby versions of these as gifts for friends and family many times over the years and I decided it was finally his turn!

I bought the socks from Target and filled them with little notes, treats, and funny little nothings. Our budget is pretty small so sentimental gifts are great! I sewed the permanent marker numbered felt circles onto the socks with buttons and hung them on ribbons hot glued to our new blinds. (I bought these cheap blinds to turn into roman blinds... Check out how easy this is! As soon as Christmas is done... this is on my list! :))  I glued the scalloped felt to cover the ugly blinds!

Day number one: an I love daddy bib! Awwwww! 

Week 27! Ooops, sorry we're a little late here! :)

This week dan laughed as he took the pictures, saying "You're getting BIGGER!" I'm not offended because I can tell I am too! I can't see my feet anymore and I find myself needing help putting on my hightop sneakers! "Dan, can you tie these for me" is usually my laughingly sheepish request anytime we are going anywhere! Horray for growing bellies and husbands who are willing to kneel down and tie their wife's swollen ankle hugging converse sneakers!

Baby is doing great. The latest trick little pea has been trying is laying sideways and pushing up with its hands and kicking its feet down! my belly gets really wide and stretched side to side. Funny and always surprising! :) This baby loves a good joke!