Thursday, January 26, 2012

35 weeks!!!

So, when we got a few warm days in a row a few weekends ago we decided to paint the "little changing table that could" that we inherited from Dan's Dad's family. It has some really great lines and after a coat of "sea glass" paint it looks like it will fit seamlessly into our nursery! I also painted a few picture frames for the walls of the nursery. I plan to hang them on the wall above the changing table. These past few weeks I've also been working on some paper mache hot air balloons for above the baby's crib. I still have some painting to do but they are coming along...

At our 35 week check up we learned that not only was my blood pressure elevated a little bit, but our sweet little Itbert finally tired of 34+ weeks upside down and has decided to explore a different placement... some would call it Breech! : \  
Because of the blood pressure my midwife decided to put me on modified bedrest... meaning they are forcing me to relax and lay on my side. Exceptions are only things like getting food and luckily going and sitting at a baby shower (on sunday)! Both Dan and I have heard people say "it's not the birth I wanted, but..." and we realize that we just don't want that to be us. Our greatest desire from this whole experience is for Baby and I to return home safely and healthily! We have made an effort to be consciously making decisions about our birth that we are really comfortable with, but we want to see this as it is. If baby stays breech, we have a baby still. Our perspective, hopefully, will be one so thankful we'll have little room for disappointment. I say this to convince myself of this too. This feels like the perfect time to prepare myself for things possibly not going according to plan. I want my heart to be set on doing everything I can to bring home a healthy baby and not on how exactly that will happen. We'll do everything we can... but at the end of the day, we just want a healthy, happy little family!

Baby's head is here!


  1. Dear Itbert,

    Turn around sweet child, before you get too big to turn around! I love you, you little goof ball. See you soon!

    xoxo, dar

  2. Your perspective is so awesome, Em. Love you. You inspire me to keep my negativity more in check. It's so easy to slip into without realizing. But there is SO MUCH to be thankful for. And babies are INCREDIBLE, DELIGHTFUL blessings. No matter how complicated a pregnancy and delivery is. What joy Itbert will bring to your/our family!!! Praying for you guys as you approach Itbert's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!