Thursday, January 26, 2012

34 weeks!!!

Grammy and I 

my mom and sister threw a wonderfully dreamy shower. My aunt and Grammy came and worked in the kitchen. A kitchen full of women you love is, in my mind, the best kind of kitchen there is! Also, we had our first real snow since our return to the states! (It was good that I love snow so much and that it was so beautiful because it kept me from seeing dear dear friends I've been away from for so long!) It was pretty amazing to see how loved little Itbert is when he/she's never even met any of these people before. I was truly blessed by the community of women that surrounded me! Thank you for loving our little (but growing) family!

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  1. I agree with that "best kind of kitchen" quote. Wish mine was full of the women I love more often! Sigh. It's tough being ten hours away. :( But we will come to visit again as soon as we can!!! Loved "showering" you and Baby with love. And loved feeling Baby's hiccups!!! Definitely a highlight of the weekend. :)