Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ultrasound today!!! But, no we're not...

This morning I woke around 3:30am to a swift kick to the bladder. Our little baby pea has been moving around for a while but lately (Usually when dan is close) the baby kicks... not the sweet little rumblings, soft movings, adorable flutters... but swift and surprising. It's not hard enough that it causes me pain... well... it is a pain to have to get up and go to the bathroom when all three Petersons should be sleeping.
After my bathroom trip I was ready to get back to sleep but baby pea was WIDE AWAKE and rolling around - throwing a little party in there! I stayed awake with baby, looking at the moonlight streaming into our bedroom and feeling baby dance.
Dan first felt baby pea move about 2 weeks ago but the past 2 nights he's REALLY felt baby move. It's pretty amazing how baby moves the most when he's close. Even now expecting dan home any minute baby is dancing.
We're extremely excited to see this little baby for the first time. Since we chose to go with a birth center with midwives they tend to do less testing, which we support. If all is well, this will be our only time seeing the baby until he or she is in our arms. We'll post pictures of baby pea as soon as we get them! They may be a bit boring since I'm pretty sure there's a good chance baby got the time wrong and did all its tricks throughout the day today - starting around 3:30 am! :)

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