Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm not exactly sure what that means anymore. My husband and I are back in America after our two years in China.
Returning has been so complicated for us. We feel like we were never gone, picking up with old friends and family and life like we took a weekend away to the beach. At the same time it is impossible to get through a day without yearning for home-China. Yearning for our life there, our dear friends, our students, the food, and of course the challenge and wonder of learning a new culture everyday. It has been an adjustment and we are still struggling with it.
To make things just a little more complex, after saying goodbye to our dear, dear friends and trying to get as much time with them in before we left, we took our normal 17 hour train ride to the city where the Peace Corps office is and found out that what I thought was giardia was really........
A BABY!!!!
Dan and I are overjoyed and excited and scared and exhausted and more excited and and and...
Needless to say him having a job is an amazing blessing and it gives us more peace about the stability of our situation. Our search for a house was expedited because of our growing family. On our second day looking our realtor heard my dream of a "farmhouse" and showed us our dreamy 124 year old farmhouse. With room for a garden, lots of light and a kitchen with a counter that is above knee level it is everything we wanted in a house and more.
All these transitions are stressful and painful but having this house gives us a place to create our home here in the USA. Our hearts ache and dream of our home on the other side of the world, but we are learning what home is and how wonderfully rich we are to have "home" in more than just one place.

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