Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First glimpse of baby pea!

Sweet baby pea!!!
Another adorable profile

This was the tail end of some thumb sucking! This is a baby after my own heart!
Look close and you can see the little toes of two little feet...  right next to each other!

Uh, this shot is a little more, uh, alienish... but what can you do?

This is Dan's favorite! You can see the nose (and nostrils) and mouth and the little fingers at baby's chin!

 Just as I suspected Little Pea was exhausted from his busy day of waking me up early and then dancing all day in excitement. When we got to the place baby was a bit tired and uncooperative. I had to do some wiggly dance moves to get baby into good picture taking places. Go figure baby is moving around now! It was amazing to see the little movements I've been feeling and to see that this alien-looking thing inside me looks amazingly human too! It was amazing to see. Next time we see you Baby Pea, you'll be in our arms!


  1. You wrote his!!! Are you having a boy??? This is so exciting...I got two mid-terms tomorrow, but I am having more excitement figuring the photos out...SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND DAN!!!

  2. sorry, old habit! yeah, no gender specifics yet. :) good luck on the tests. you'll do great!