Thursday, October 27, 2011

a little behind...

... and no, I can never refer to my own as such! Baby is making sure of that! These past two weeks have been a whirlwind! We've been working to get our living areas set up for daily life. We painted our dining room!!!! And as I speak my dear dear husband is hanging a bunch of hooks in our entryway that I found on sale at anthropologie... Since our delightfully old home has a decided lack of closets we need a place to hang our coats... and what cuter way is there to do that than dreamy little hooks in our hall? (I figure we can hide all our coats whenever we have company so they will not have to wear theirs in the house!)

Today was our 4th baby doctor appointment and though we didn't get to see our baby we did get to hear little baby pea's heartbeat. It gets me giggling every time! And of course baby pea takes my laughing as a cue to get some wiggles out and turn all elusive so the midwife has to slime my whole growing belly to find the little heart beat again! What a goofster! Like its parents I guess! Always gets me giggling more... 

I've been working on expanding my pregnancy wardrobe this week in the quiet moments. I haven't finished anything yet but I'll take pictures as soon as I can make things look good enough.

Life is too crazy these days even though I'm spending a good deal of my time working on peeling wallpaper (only one tiny little nursery left to peel!) and trying to get things in livable order... We're both ready to have our evenings free to sit, talk, read together, listen to Christmas music... (ok, that's mostly me, I started mid september -late for me... so I have to catch up!) We'll get there. Our house is beginning to feel like just that - Our HOUSE! Ours!

So... I'll post some pictures of our house in process here in a bit but first...

some belly pictures

late week 21... this is actually like 21+3... I know, unacceptable! sorry! 
22 Weeks! (today)
You can see the color is a bit different from the one above... the first picture is the actual color of our dining room... I had to change today's a bit because of my red, blotchy, just out of the shower face!

Like my shirt? get it? baby was made in China??? ha! I dusted off my screen printing skills and whipped up this little number... I printed it on a onsie too!

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