Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thumbs UP!

After our first ultrasound we got a call back with a bit of scary news... the words "cyst" and "hemorrhage" and though they also said the words "baby looks perfect", a cyst on the placenta scared us pretty good. We spent some time trying to figure it out on the internet but were extremely relieved to get an appointment at Bryn Mawr hospital this afternoon to get a closer look at things. We only had one day of stress... over what turned out to be totally nothing! No hemorrhage at all and the "cyst" they thought they saw was just a part of the placenta... totally normal. So, all that stress turned out to be just another chance to see our beautiful little baby! We got to see some real thumb sucking and we got the best gift of all... a big thumbs up from the baby, letting us know everything was good in there. (Either that or he really likes the honey nut cheerios I had for breakfast). We feel incredibly relieved and blessed to get a clean bill of health for both baby and mommy. Whew!
Also, today marks 20 weeks, our halfway point! Here are some belly pictures for ya'll!

20 weeks!

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