Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids Sewing Week Challenge is here again!!!

So glad for the chance to be challenged again to work on/finish clothes for my sweet little bird! I am a project starter but not as much of a project finisher so this challenge gives me the opportunity to pick pieces I cut but never brought to the sewing machine or design new items and whip them up for my sweet girl. I spent time today cutting and sewing a few different pieces but only got one finished and these pants are the only thing my little one would deign to wear! Once she put them on she refused to take them off so that's a little compliment to the chef I suppose?

Gypsy pants are all over the place in kids' clothes and I understand why. I got a pair when Hubs and I were visiting Thailand and they are the most comfortable thing ever! I decided to use this fun flannely train conductor fabric I got for shockingly cheap at Jomar... scary place but super cheap fabric!!! You can't see how soft this fabric is but it's wonderful! I took a 2T pair of pants to get the length right on the legs but the rest was just cutting out a basic shape with my scissors and sewing it together. I used a small piece of organic cotton knit as the waistband and bango presto... PANTS!

She's pretty cute!

The watermelon ukulele was our gift to Sweet Girl on her 2nd birthday! Truth? She's not terribly interested but I on the other hand can't seem to stop playing it! I LOVE the sound of the little watermelon! My favorite to play on it is Hard Times by Gillian Welch Love that song!!!

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