Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Huckleberry Pickin' Overalls

My little Huck Finn and I were out in our garden putting in strawberries and broccoli and onions today and knees were dirtied and boots were scuffed and spiders were yelled about. She needed the perfect ensemble to suit our gardening needs and this is the perfect pair of overalls. The pants are based off a basic toddler pants pattern but I subtracted pockets and added the waist, bib, and straps. What a lovely little creation this turned out to be and what a perfect fit! I love the tied overall straps because it means this outfit may make it to fall with the give of the elastic and the adjustable length in the straps! Plus they just look so sweet!

We test drove these overalls working on our new (3rd) raised bed we plan on filling with tomatoes this year! I'm sure our little bird will get these sweet soft stripey pants well broken in by the time we sink our teeth into the years first tomato!

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