Monday, January 27, 2014

 Lately whenever we ask littlebird what she dreamed about when she napped or slept she always gives the same answer.


I love the idea of her dancing through a land of chocolate and I imagine she is wearing a hat something like this as she splashes in chocolate milk puddles and dances in falling chocolate apple blossom petals.

This is the same self-drafted pattern as the sweet bunny coat, minus the coat :) The hood is fairly simple and helmet like but with the bow chin tie and the woodland whimsy ears it's perfectly suited for chocolate dreams.


  1. Love this!! Too cute, haha! :) I found you through the Kid's Clothes Week site.

    1. Thanks! This is my first time doing the kid's clothes week! It's an AWESOME community! I get so inspired looking at the stuff everybody's doing! :)