Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Advent and a New Year

    Advent this year was beautiful. Our little bird is almost 2 and old enough to understand the excitement and anticipation of Christmas to some extent. Buying the tree and decorating it, listening to Bing and Perry Como crooning, and finally being able to see Christmas lights out the car windows at night all fed this excitement for Christmas. In my humble opinion you can never have too much excitement for Christmas so we put together an advent calendar filled with treats (yogurt covered raisins were the big hit but Trader Joe's freeze dried mangos and raspberries were quickly gobbled too!)

I'd seen beautiful groupings of birdhouses on pinterest and the thought came to me to do an advent calendar of birdhouses.

My mom had a baby bird themed baby shower for me in the time before we even met our littlebird. She saw a display at Nordstrom and asked what they planned to do with all the bird houses when the display was changed. They told her to come back in a few weeks and she could buy them for cents each. We have plenty of birdhouses to choose from! The birdhouses are basically paper covered cardstock so pulling off the tacky rhinestones and painting them was easy. My husband engineered it so the tops lifted for easy treat hiding and finding. He did all the measuring for the wood above the doors and hung them while I did all the arranging and tagging.



   Nothing gives you the same feeling of anticipation as being greatly with child yourself during this time of expectant waiting or even having a new baby yourself. This year we felt well past new baby and don't have any new life coming any time soon so we chose to anticipate with yogurt covered raisins and sweet little bird houses.

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