Friday, January 24, 2014

Spring is the time for Bunnies!

I come from a long line of sewers which means I have inherited some wonderful quirky patterns. One of the patterns caught my Grammy's eye way back and she used it to make a robe for my mom when she was in college. When I was pregnant I was told you MUST have a robe when you are in the hospital and when you are home with your baby. (mind you, I've never been much of a Robe person. I'm not a walk around the house nude person either, just more of a wear yoga pants and a sweater kind of person.) But in a fit of pregnancy terror I made myself a robe. (I didn't want to find myself robeless in case what they said was right and It was pivitol to my success as a new mom.) I got most of the way done with the robe when I realized I'd never wear a robe, not this robe, not any robe. But as I was cutting the pattern and piecing it together I fell in love with the lines of the pattern. The way the yoke and sleeves were one piece. Brilliant! I'd been sketching baby dress ideas and realized that this sleeve line while kind of dated on a ladies' dress would be unbearably cute on a wee tot.

I drafted the pattern for the baby dress and then added a hood and then added bunny ears to the hood (because everybaby needs a good set of bunny ears) and realized in a tweed this would be the PERFECT COAT for my little bird!

I hit up my local Goodwill and picked out a very ugly L.L. Bean coat but saw the potential it held. I've always been one to root for the underdog. I brought it home, butchered it up, stitched it together with some warm blush pink flannel as a lining, pulled it on my little bird and *GASP* the cutest little coat that every existed!

I should note that I'd seen coats on Etsy and Pinterest that had bunny ears but they always looked stiff, uncomfortable, and not containing nearly the amount of whimsy in the lines of the coat to support such fabulous woodlandish ears!

I've used use this pattern to create ear hoods, other earless coats and even some button up dresses for my little bird. It really is such an easy to use pattern and it's so incredibly versatile. I am working to get it turned into a PDF pattern to put up for sale on Etsy. If you want to make one of these for a little girl in your life just keep your eyes peeled... soon and very soon :)

The coat below is for sale at my etsy shoppe:

same pattern sans ears in sweet cotton and repurposed floral upholstery remnants.
Best part: it's totally reversible!!!

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