Friday, November 18, 2011

week 25 - only 2 more weeks in the second trimester!!!

Baby is getting bigger and stronger every day! Of this I am certain because the kicks and punches have  gotten stronger too! Baby is getting into a sleep schedule, which, before Itbert, I didn't know babies in bellies did! Our little guy (quite literally) Kicks off the day around 5... waking me up either groaning, running to the bathroom, or giggling uncontrollably.... depending on where the kicks land! This morning was all three! Poor dan! Yesterday around three I was trying to fall back to sleep after my sidekick side kicked me... and baby was so excited to be awake and up and moving... the kicking was so pronounced I actually felt a foot... a bit flat foot bottom hit my hand! Pretty amazing!

This week Itbert is the size of an eggplant and weighs about as much as a rutabaga... Hmmm... not really sure I can compare that. Next week we hit the 2 pound mark! Amazing how fast this little guy is growing!

This weekend, among other things, we're going to try to start getting the nursery ready! I can't wait! I've been dreaming dreams and trying to get some good ideas and scheming themes... Right now it's between a bright red mushroomed blue wall grass green theme... and a robin's egg wall yellow and white bird theme. I'm torn. Dan and I are both leaning towards the robin's egg, yellow and white. Who knows what we'll end up with though! 

Life is moving so quickly! First thanksgiving, then Christmas, then baby! (plus, lots of good things in between!)

Last thing... The skirt I'm wearing in these pictures is from a pattern I drafted myself! I bought the fabric in a neighboring province in China. It was hand woven and beautiful so I had to find a good use for it. I'm in process of finishing about 10 maternity outfits at present! I'm pretty good with ideas and creating... it's the finishing that gets me every time! Hopefully there will be more to come very soon!!!! :)


  1. I found your blog! :) I love the skirt, it's so cute! I think you should go with the robin's egg, yellow, and white as well!

  2. so... update. gross as this may sound, we ate a rutabaga... which didn't taste at all like a recreational vehicle (rutabago~winnebago...) it was deliciously nutty and the texture was wonderfully potato-like! I used it in a homemade chicken soup... roasted the whole chicken, picked the bones (saving the meat for in the soup), boiled the carcass with some veggie trimmings (all the peels and ends of what went into the soup), strained that and then cooked all the veggies and barley in it adding the meat last. I made it for poor sick dan but must confess I enjoyed it immensely myself while I was sick too! This is my new favorite thing to make! I love it! I think it's the best way to get your money's worth out of buying organic chicken! mmmm!