Thursday, November 10, 2011

24 weeks!!!

Hooray! We're officially 24 weeks and (depending on who you ask) the size of a papaya or as long as an ear of corn! I'm starting to be able to feel little Pea changing positions and guess what part is digging where. I'm pretty sure there's a foot up by my ribs and a little rump sticking out front right. Dan's been doing lots of talking to our little guy and I've been making an effort to narrate what's happening during my time alone with Little Itbert. Today I was humming a song in my head as I drove home and Itbert kicked... I asked if he/she wanted me to sing and there were some very enthusiastic kicks... (could have been negative but I just went ahead and assumed our little pea wanted it.) I got nervous for a second... I hate singing just for one or two people... then realized how silly that was and sang the rest of the way home to our little guy. Little Itbert kicked the whole way (in dance or protest... I like to assume dance!)

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