Saturday, November 5, 2011


Happy Halloween!

   So perhaps you think us lazy for being "Chinese People" and believe me, in this house it is easy to find a Chinese costume. We've got enough to be differently clad Chinese people for the next 5 years of halloweens! When we got invited to our sweet neighbors' halloween party we had to wear something, and I was too late on the draw to make the skeleton screen printed costume I found on Pinterest... (with a little baby skeleton inside... very cute and innocent)  Instead I decided on a costume I knew would fit... Need you say we scrimped on our costumes, I want to inform you that we had accessories beyond our lovely peasant hats! Dan carried with him his copy of Mao's little red book and I am wearing a genuine Communist arm band that I took from my classroom (after my students said I could). It certifies that I am a party member in charge of picking up trash around the college campus! ha! We weren't just Chinese poeple... we were "Disgruntled Maoists". Depending on what I look like come October-post-baby we'll see what version of the same general idea we are next year! :)

also... are pictures of pumpkins... a cyclops, "boo" (though it's hard to tell), and a sneaky punkin...

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