Friday, July 25, 2014

Drawing together and sewing together

The time has come for another kid's clothes week!!! I spent this past weekend at my best friend's wedding and then the next morning we flew out to Chicago for my college roommate's wedding! Needless to say the beginning of this week was spent sleeping, napping and wishing I was sleeping! Hence the late start in posting projects! The inspiration this time around is Kid's Art. I loved the idea of the kid's art inspiration and since my daughter spend so much of our time watercolouring, crayoning over our watercolors, then penning/inking over all that I figured why not spend some time drawing on some fabric to make my little bird wearable art!
Years ago my dearest friend gave me a box of these awesome fabric crayons! I looked for more of them on amazon since mine are getting pretty old (at least 15 years???) and they are so cheap! We'll be doing way more projects with these in the future! My 2 year old had such an easy time using them! I made sure to tape down our fabric so it wouldn't slide around but they draw on as easily as oil pastels and blend just as nicely (though we aren't really at that point yet!!). I think our next project with these will be a pair of lounge pants or maybe a box mailed to my nephews with precut fabric for pj pants for them!
 This was my very first time rouching or smocking with elastic thread on the bobbin in my machine. Super easy! Absolutely adorable! I used the end of a bolt of muslin I've had for forever and used to make all the curtains for my downstairs as well as lots of pattern pieces. I LOVE the simplicity of muslin. It's perfectly light and breezy for summer! I just keep thinking I need to make more clothing for myself out of muslin!

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