Tuesday, February 4, 2014

She wears her heart on her knee!

Believe it or not I did actually finish this project in time for the last day of the daily sewing project but unfortunately didn't get the pictures taken in time due to some wonderful distractions like big fluffy snowflakes and dear dear friends to sip tea with for an extra day due to said snowflakes! ;)

These pants are just in time for Valentines day! I'm not terribly interested in celebrating the "spend money on chocolate, roses, expensive dates, dress up, buy unrecyclable cards" valentines day. I do, however find the "cut out construction paper hearts using safety scissors, decorate hearts with glittery pens and funny paper doilies, give hearts to people who you love!" valentine's day completely enchanting!

My daughter is not yet 2 so any valentines we make will be a little rough... we'll just assume that anyone we send them to, loves us enough to excuse the extra glue stick gunk and the sloppy coloring!

The pinkness of valentine's day can be overpowering so I was excited to make my little bird something clearly valentiney but not too pink and something she can wear beyond the 1 day festivities!

These pants are made using the ithinksew.com Lucas pants pattern. These patterns are so easy to follow and are printable from your own computer. They work great for boys and girls both depending on your fabric and embellishment choice!

I added some little lace heart knee pads on these. I know they are white, I know they are on her knees, I know they will, at some point probably get destroyed. For now, they are perfectly sweet!

The pants were a pair of rejected VERY dated pants Dan's dad lovingly bestowed on us. They are such a nice light material that I couldn't pass up an excuse to disembowel bad fashion and turn it into something more than wearable, something adorable!

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